i h@t9 u!

HATE..HATE..HATE..since i'm still study at that school until now...until i'm leave that school.. Why your face,your smile,your laugh and everything about you still haunting me??WHY??WHY??can anybody answer it for me (!) why must him??

U want to know why I hate u???Cbe lah ingat sendiri derr...xkn aQ nak cakap..jatuh lah maruah aQ..tp yg PENTING... U MAKE ME SMILE WHEN I LOOK AT I LIKE...so,THANX lah bro...BUT..there was 1 thing that I still dont understand.. WHY I CRYING WHEN I'M THINKING ABOUT YOU??WHY U ALWAYZ MAKE MY HEART HURT??WHY U LIKE MAKE ME SAD??CRY??